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Stock footage is used every week by marketing, film producers and video production houses for TV and film. Today, many companies are also using stock footage where it supports marketing tactics where video is used to illustrate a point or message.

Stock video footage will usually cover themes like lifestyle, business, cities, nature, animation, special effects plus footage showing people and places.

There are stock video options available for almost any situation where multimedia can reinforce or condense a message far quicker and better than text or images.

Using video is now available to any business, a quick Google search and within minutes anyone can download video footage of a deep ocean, birds flying high in the sky, flying through space, zooming down to earth or some other seasonal footage, most footage libraries will give you high quality, low cost stock video that you can use in promotions, education, marketing videos, product, television, commercials and all multimedia productions.

Choosing a piece or number of Stock Footage clips that are affordable and usable is really important when completing any video project for a client or for in-house corporate video. Like most digital content, the past few years have seen the price of a stock footage clip tumble from $300 to less than $5, while the quality and formats have improved, with most companies offering stock footage in High Definition as standard. So the good news is that using stock footage is not expensive; with HD footage now available for less than $1.

Every person’s need is different. For instance, a person in need of an animation to use on his website will have different requirements than a person who is looking for a simple motion graphic to use in his business presentation. The fact that the requirement may vary from person to person, the footage companies have created a wide range of content. Footage clips are all different and well suited for different needs, so it will be easy for a person to find an appropriate video clip for his or her use.
Today, it is all about marketing yourself or your business when the matter of presentation arises. The same product of business proposal may fail or be successful depending on the way it is presented visually. So no matter in what profession you are in, good quality stock footage to make a video or animation will always be beneficial to you, if you want to stay ahead of the crowd.

Video life is all around us, think YouTube, so if you need a video to market a message or product or to fit your video project, then Stock Video footage has never been more affordable, available and usable. Popular footage downloads would be clips showing extreme shots like aerial footage or underwater video footage to planets themed content. Royalty free stock footage is to be viewed everywhere

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